Darrell Lauer: Voice Specialist

Darrell Lauer holds a master’s degree in vocal performance, a master’s degree in speech/language pathology and three+ decades working with performers

Voice Building and Vocal Rehabilitation

Relying upon Mr. Lauer’s voice-building techniques, his voice students have performed in European opera, U.S. regional opera and theater, Broadway, off-Broadway, and around the world, in rap/rock concert tours. See vocal instruction here and here.

Vocal Therapy

His vocal therapy has had success with many professional artists, including singers, actors, voiceover specialists, television and radio performers, classroom teachers of all kinds, pastors, rabbis, and lawyers as well. He works with professionals pre & post-surgery or if possible, to help avoid surgery. See voice therapy


A tenor, Lauer is an Oratorio Specialist, but has sung for decades in opera, early music, new music, chamber music and in numerous recitals – on three continents. See singing bio

Maestro Lauer sings “I Hear You Calling Me,” an Irish ballad by Charles Marshall.