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Darrell Lauer co-authored the 4th Chapter, “The Magic and Mechanics of Singing the Blues” with Eli Yamin.
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Maestro Lauer sings "Il mio tesoro intanto" an aria from Don Giovanni by Wolfgang A. Mozart.

Maestro Lauer sings “Il mio tesoro intanto,” an aria from Don Giovanni by Wolfgang A. Mozart.

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John DiGaetani, music critic for the Italian Tribune, writes about this recording:
“I really enjoyed listening to Tenor Darrell Lauer Sings Lieder. This tenor has a lovely voice, very good German diction, and a sense of drama which provides these songs with a wonderful vividness. For listeners of lieder music, this CD will be a welcome addition to their collection. Lieder music remains an intimate musical experience which combines music, poetry, and drama. Darrell Lauer sings these songs by Schumann, Schubert and Wolf with beauty of tone and personal conviction.”

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ANightofSong_albumA Night of Song — Recorded live at Merkin Concert Hall

Darrell Lauer, Tenor
Featuring Michael May, Piano
Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Liszt, Kramer, and Irish Ballads
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“I enjoyed Darrell Lauer’s 1985 live recital CD. What impressive breath control! On ‘Dalla sua pace’ I thought, no, he can’t, no, he can’t… ulp, will you look at that, he did! His enunciation and languages are superb. And I love his programming idea of honoring past tenors. He’s a wonderful musician.”

          — Shauna Pickett-Gordon, professional instrumentalist

“I love your live recital CD! I’ve played it four times in a row and the youthful Darrell is inspiring! You have done us all a magnificent favor with this collection of old recital favorites that ends the CD. My father played many of these when I was a tot and having them revived in such a loving and perfect way is a delicious gift of the highest order. Your diction and attention to the singing line are so apparent all the way through the album. What nice choices you made in this program. It’s so perfectly balanced. I don’t get tired of pushing the replay button over and over!”

          — Sharon Bailey, organist